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Isle of Man - Young skippers shown the ropes

Thousands of children across the Isle of Man have been taking part in skipping lessons. Instructors from Skipping Workshops, a Surrey-based company, visited the island to give lessons in nine schools over three days.

Each school involved had a series of lessons, which ended with a whole school display.

The highlight of the visit was a day of celebration at Rushen Primary School in Port St Mary. It included an advanced workshop for the school's pupils, as well as outstanding skippers from four other local schools and then a competition between the best 50 from throughout the island.

The winning school was Fairfield Junior School in Douglas, with its pupil Yzyl Quintama taking the individual prize.

Harold Galley, founder of Skipping Workshops and a former headteacher and Ofsted inspector, said: "I feel sure the way schools in the Isle of Man promote skipping has contributed to the impressive fitness levels of children of all ages throughout the island." hw.

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