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Isolation is the reward for failure

Your coverage of National Union of Teachers' conference (TES, April 21) almost gets there but falls at the final hurdle.

It may be that far Left delegates do not find support for all their causes among their fellow teachers.

But there seems little doubt that they have a huge amount of support when they are demanding action on class sizes, job cuts and pay.

The reason why Mr McAvoy and the NUT leadership were so isolated at conference was precisely because they have done so little to address the real concerns on these issues.

No union leadership ever wants a strike. But when, as in the case of the NUT, it also refuses to support the alternatives - for example, the recent Fight Against Cuts in Education demonstration in London - there should be no surprise that the Left finds a strong resonance.

The alternative to industrial action, (if there is a viable one left, which I doubt) is certainly not doing nothing.


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