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Secondary schools that are encouraging their pupils to manage their money wisely stand to make a windfall profit.

ProShare, the information agency that promotes share ownership, and the Association of Unit Trusts, have launched a personal finance competition for schools with a first prize of Pounds 1,000 and two runners-up awards of Pounds 500 and Pounds 250.

The award scheme is structured like an examination. Staff members co-ordinating personal finance teaching can earn 25 per cent of the total marks by writing 750 words on how the topic is handled in their school. Schools also need to provide information on Who is taught? (10 per cent of marks) and Topics covered and time allocation (20 per cent). The remaining 45 per cent of the marks will be allocated to pupils' work. Four pupils will have to answer such questions as "If you were to set up a new bank just for pupils what would it be like?" The competition follows the recent launch of Your Money Be Wise, a national-curriculum-linked secondary teachers' manual written for ProShare by Dr Mike Kirby.

Further information about the ProShareAUTIF Personal Finance Education Award is available from Emma Rees, tel: 0171-600 0984.

Your Money Be Wise is available to TES readers for Pounds 5 including pp. A cheque made payable to "ProShare(UK)Ltd" should be sent to "Your Money", ProShare, Library Chambers, 1314 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5BQ.

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