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It is not 'neocolonialist' to nurture these mutually useful links

Having just returned from a link visit to Pakistan with two colleagues from our primary school in Nottingham, I feel quite saddened to read such negative perspectives of what school linking is all about.

It may well be the case at times when the link has not been thought through and managed carefully, but it would be good to hear about other positive collaborations.

Our link with a school in Pakistan has enabled eight members of staff to visit Lahore - and come back saying they would love to visit Pakistan again on holiday!

The school in Pakistan works with us on issues such as the energy crisis around the world. Our link brings the curriculum to life and excites our pupils. We learn from each other and difficult stereotypes are constantly being broken down and discussed. I would love Dr Martin to visit our school and ask our pupils what their perceptions of Pakistan are - no grass skirts would be mentioned!

Asima Qureshi, Deputy head, Dunkirk Primary School, Nottingham.

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