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IT teacher beats an IT assistant

Judith Howes argues that we should finance more teaching assistants (Summer debate, TES, August 12). She states: "As an ICT specialist I have a more detailed overview of the programmes available and the areas of the curriculum that can be enhanced by those programmes. Who else would have the time and opportunity to fulfil that role?"

To answer her question, I would. I am employed as a non-class-based specialist ICT teacher. I have previously been an ICT co-ordinator with a full-time class responsibility and agree that it's a struggle to support other teachers in those circumstances.

Employing a specialist assistant is not the only route. With the advent of planning, preparation and assessment time, an increasing number of primaries are employing specialist teachers in ICT, as well as subjects such as art, PE and music.

Ginette Smith 69 Lavington Road Ealing, London W13

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