It was their finest hour

News that Taggart, STV's long-running crime series, is to quit its long-term home at the former Notre Dame College of Education in Bearsden has awakened memories of the old ND with many former students.

As the building awaits the end to make way for a new Bearsden Academy, a former student, now a secondary heidie, said: "A lot of what went on at the old college was criminal in any case, especially as the nuns tried to cope with the first influx of male post-graduates in 1972, and making Taggart was a much better use of the building.

"It's finest media hour, though, was when BBC shot all the school scenes of Chewin' the Fat there. Watching Karen Dunbar doing her science teacher chiding a forward girl pupil for wearing too much make-up in one of the college's classrooms doubling as a school room was like watching one of the primary education lecturers of 1972 telling off their all-female diploma students for wearing trousers to college."

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