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It's adults who fail 'lying' pupils;Letter

DEMONISING "lying" children for false allegations against teachers is not an appropriate way to deal with the problem (TES, February 26).

There are plenty of safeguards and procedures in place which ought to weed out malicious and obviously unfounded allegations long before they get to court. If this does not happen in practice, this is not the children's fault.

Most teachers have never even heard of the Department For Education and Employment circular 1095, which sets out the procedures for these issues, let alone read it. Most schools have never written down proper guidance for their staff on issues like restraint and physical contact.

There is masses of advice available which should go a long way towards minimising the risks. Simply blaming children for the failings of adults to be properly prepared, trained and accountable is not going to protect them or the teachers.

Ben Whitney, 47 Manor Farm Crescent, Stafford

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