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It's all in the planning

I read with interest last week's news piece on personal learning planning, "Borders gets personal".

I would like to point out that the process described was not painless, and that the initial introduction of personal learning plans was going down very badly in many primary schools, and generating as much heat as elsewhere in Scotland.

As a result of this, senior education managers from Scottish Borders and representatives of the Educational Institute of Scotland sat down to agree a strategy and timescale which reflected the move from personal learning plans to personal learning planning.

This allowed schools flexibility in how the process took place, and put collegiate working at the heart of the process. It is now being rolled out to all schools, and we feel that only now do we have a programme in place which is workable.

As part of the programme, we have a guidance leaflet on personal learning planning, produced jointly by the Educational Institute of Scotland and Scottish Borders, going out to every primary teacher in the Borders. I am very happy to send a copy of this to anyone who wishes to see it. Contact is

Douglas Angus

EIS local association secretary Scottish Borders

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