It's a case of don't call us, we'll call you


Posted by CanuckGrrl

I'm a new name on the supply list. All things being equal, would you be more inclined to call me if you could put a face to a name? In other words, should I call or email your school to ask for a chance to introduce myself to you or your depute, or are you too busy for that and should I just hang tight and wait my turn?

Posted by Mrs Magoo

In our region at least, HTs are no longer allowed to pick their supply teachers. I think the old system was deemed as being unfair, as the same people were getting work time and time again. Now it is all done through the authority, the school just has to register an absence and the council pick someone from their supply list to cover it. Not all regions work that way, though, so it might be worth checking with yours. Here HTs are not allowed to contact any supply teacher directly.

Posted by Potatoes5

What Mrs Magoo has said is spot on, as headteacher I can verify that.

People are picked off the supply list in no particular order, and the school can't specify really.

Arrangements can be made with some schools but it won't do you any favours to go in and meet with any SMT staff - it will just waste your time.

Posted by 100smiles

I do cover in my school and can select the staff. It's good to be contacted to know who you are. Some people pick their schools and it is a pain contacting people who do not want to travel to my school. I like if I know people are interested and will contact them first. We do use the same people a lot too. It means they know the school and the pupils - sorry if it seems unfair but it is best for the pupils if we know they are good and can be trusted.

Posted by Blackened_Skies

I am in East Dunbartonshire, where I know it is up to the schools to find a supply teacher. I guess I should go and introduce myself as it's always the same people that get phoned, so how else will I get any work if they don't know who I am? I'm not really sure if I should phone up beforehand, or just turn up at the office. Should I introduce myself to the HT and should I give the school a copy of my CV? Any advice greatly appreciated

Posted by Potatoes5

I never arrange supply cover, that's the job of the depute. What's supposed to happen is that when we need supply, we take people off the council's supply register.

However, what I know happens is that my depute phones people and asks them to come in to do supply. It's normally people that we know that come back to do supply. Some have retired from working in the school already, and some are personal friends.

What would probably work better is to call the school and talk to the depute arranging supply cover over the phone.

Turning up at the school - unless its for an exceptionally good reason - never gets any points.

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