It's devil's work

I see Ofsted has become a leader in the field of sadistic practices ("Dear 4-year-olds, your futures are in peril", TES, August 15).

First Mephistopholes visits the classroom with a smiling face and an important looking briefcase. Then the letter arrives, signed by HM Inspector no less, which both humiliates the teacher and breaks the bond of trust the children have in that person. Your teacher is rubbish and you are doomed. Don't have nightmares. A double whammy. How despicable.

It has long been obvious to me, and these letters now confirm the fact that, like the Mafia, Ofsted is very knowledgeable about the significance of self-esteem in people's lives and the destruction of it. I can assure the people concerned that this is not the best way to maintain influence and bring positive results. As for the 86 per cent of headteachers who said the letters were helpful, I quite believe they were told to agree or they would get one too!

Murray White, International Council for Self-esteem, Cambridge.

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