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It's friendly, but not to the family;Diary

FORGET all that nonsense that grammar doesn't matter any more. In the information age, good punctuation at least is more important than ever - as the red faces at the Campaign for Learning will testify.

Today sees the start of Family Learning Weekend, the campaign's annual attempt to push the idea of, er, families learning together. A leaflet sent out across the country suggests loads of ways children can learn through everyday activities such as going to the shops or watching movies.

There's even a list of interesting website addresses. Alas, one has proved even more interesting than expected. It should have been for the Internet Movie Database ( home to lots of games, features and so on. Unfortunately, miss out the second full stop, as the campaign inadvertently did, and you get a different database altogether. "The Goodloving Sex Database for couples and singles", to be precise.

"The top-ranked Swingers site in the Swingers Top 100," it boasts proudly.

Michelle Wake, who as marketing director managed to send out 110,000 corrected copies within 24 hours of the mistake being spotted, sighs as she tells the Diary: "It was supposed to be a family-friendly website."

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