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It's good to talk

001 is the European Year of Languages, with more than 350 events already planned nationally and locally, including a Languages Challenge - an invitation for everyone to learn a language in 2001, and raise money for charity at the same time.

Other events include a British Asian film and video festival, organised by Asian Arts Access, a "Multilingual Britain" exhibition organised by the British Council, and the production of a CD sampler of world music by Sony JazzWorldUP. There are also a large number f school-based activities promoting languages.

The European Commission, in partnership with the Council of Europe, is responsible for the initiative, which is co-ordinated in the UK by CILT (Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research).

The Year was launched in different parts of the UK in December and January. Forty five countries are participating, and the official European launch will take place in Lund, Sweden, on February 18-20. More information from

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