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It's just not fun any more

After 30 years in teaching, half of them as a head, I am finally becoming worn down by external influences.

The new Ofsted format is dire and can only have been constructed by people who are themselves not held to account.

Schools are now expected to give pupils breakfast, lunch and tea, so we now have an extended parenting role, yet it is schools who are held responsible when parents choose to whip the kids off to the Med during term time.

This week was the final straw. We received our Sats papers, duly marked and checked. Imagine our surprise when we found that one of our pupils'

handwriting was so good that it was awarded seven marks out of a possible three. It confirmed to me that it really is time Sats were removed, and we were allowed to bring back excellence and enjoyment.

David Smith Upperwood primary school Dartree Walk, Darfield, Barnsley

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