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It's no myth: superior O-level proves the system needs a rethink

I welcome the call for a national educational evidence centre to underpin education policy and, can I add, practice ("Evidence era to let schools call the shots?" November 13).

In the education sector we are decades behind the health, social care and local government sectors in adopting knowledge management practices. Other sectors use innovative technologies and have developed collaborative working practices across the sector, and internationally, to bring together, develop and critique the evidence base.

The importance of using evidence in education appears to me to be a no-brainer. Would anyone want their children taught by someone who dismissed evidence rather than a teacher who knew the evidence base for standard practices and was able to draw on additional research as required? I think not.

With minimal investment and a bit of national co-ordination, the quality of educational research available to underpin policy and practice could be quickly improved. Who will lead this?

Marilyn Leask, Professor of education, Brunel University, west London.

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