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It's risky to make cuts if you're short-sighted

Scrapping Teachers TV does not save money - more cash will be needed to fund face-to-face training by all schools and so put more stress on budgets. Why take away one of the most used, comprehensive and reliable resources for everyone involved in schools?

Teachers want to learn from each other rather than "experts" and this was the place to do it, to see ideas being implemented in real classrooms.

Teachers shouldn't just roll over on this one and accept fate. We can't let such a vast and practical resource fizzle out. What is going to take its place in terms of CPD? We might have to revert to more days out for training, but inevitably the profession is going to be led full circle back to the importance of taking advantage of new content-sharing technologies, film of real-life lessons, peer learning, and everything that Teachers TV was already providing.

Louise Hutchinson, Key stage 2 teacher, Colwyn Bay, Conwy.

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