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It's time to talk about technology

I have to disagree with just about every aspect of your article "The revolution that wasn't" (13 January). It compares the use of ICT in education with that in a generic office, suggesting that schools cannot use the technology in the same way to "reduce costs".

The fact is that HR, data collection, resource sharing, evidence collection and support have been transformed by schools making good use of computers. School websites give prospective parents, teachers, children and inspectors access to information. And many teachers share ideas using websites such as your own and social networks like Twitter. The interactive whiteboard has transformed lessons and technology has facilitated better school-home links.

Up and down the country, teachers, senior managers and support staff use computers in a way not envisaged 20, maybe even 10, years ago. Not a bad length of time for a revolution, really.

Rebecca Stacey, Primary teacher, Hackney, London.

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