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It's your move

Kate Hughes, 31.BA Hons Secondary Education Drama (with QTS).

I can't leave Wales as my two children, Jacob, 11, and Mary-Jane, 7, are in school. I have student loans looming, so one option is supply.

Treza Kirby, 28, PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages.

Opportunities for language teachers are better than in some subjects. If I don't find a job I'll go travelling.

Leah Biddel, 21, PGCE in PE.

I'd consider working in Bristol or Gloucester, but still live in Wales.

I'm plan to improve my range of specialist subjects to stand out from other candidates.

Jess Mazet, 26.BA Hons Secondary Education: Drama (with QTS).

I was prepared to go anywhere to find a job. I got my first choice at Springwood School in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

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