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I've got that lovin' feline

Pussed off? Then take a look at this popular thread on the TES online staffroom, called "I love my cat". It's a mix of homages to teachers' furry companions and pictures of their beloved pets. After the stress of a day at school, "nothing cheers me up like a cuddle of one of mine when I get in from work", says Impulce. Her rescue cat "has a habit of coming as close as possible to you on the sofa and performing a sort of 'play dead' action onto her back with her paws bent and belly available for strokes". Landaise's cat, meanwhile, loves olives and pizza and even says "out" when she wants to go out and "hello" when she comes back. Modelmaker's cat used to jump on his face to wake him up in the morning, and used to sit on the gate waiting for his master to come home. But it's not all so positive. Sometimes cats can be just like teenagers, as catmother describes: "I love mine because every so often she remembers to act like a pet. However, she mostly ignores us and treats us as staff."

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