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Jacqui 4 me

WHILE disharmony breaks out on the Right, all is flowers and turtledoves on the Left. "Jacqui Smith is lovely," the Diary is instructed to report, following claims in another newspaper that her staff are taking to the barricades.

As Commons researchers marched on Downing Street to complain about low pay - many earn as little as pound;6k - the schools minister was due yesterday to take her staff out to lunch and is said o be behind the Transport and General Workers Union's campaign all the way.

Jacqui's right-hand woman, Ceri White, sits on the Tamp;G's branch executive (hence the link) but tells us her boss is a model employer who dips into her own pocket to top up her team's salaries.

"I'm on more than pound;20k," Ceri reveals. "Write in big letters: I love Jacqui Smith." The Diary expects a cut of her next pay rise.

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