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Jamie Oliver twist

About two years ago, Pembrokeshire pupils did a project to design their own healthy dinners and called it "Funky Food". They were a bit put out to discover Jamie Oliver had decided to use the same title for a new "mini-book", to raise money for Children in Need earlier this year.

Lynne Perry, Pembrokeshire health promotion officer who helped run the original "Funky Food" project, said: "The children definitely thought it was their name and we decided to contact him to see if, by way of compensation, he would deign to visit Pembrokeshire to help launch their scheme."

Sadly, Jamie, who has won great publicity for his calls to improve school meals, was indisposed. When the Diary contacted the TV chef's people, we were told Jamie was busy with other good causes and that "Pembrokeshire takes a day out of your life".

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