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The Jesus story is a fable if you don't believe it

Dr Eilis Field would do well to read the article "Italians get cross about the Cross" again (Letters, September 3). The article, as far as I read it, does not serve as an anti-Christian or anti-Catholic sounding board, only one man's opinion about the practice of displaying scenes of torture in a classroom setting. This seems to be something that could well form part of The TES's coverage.

Dr Field would also do well to check with a dictionary before criticising the categorisation of the Jesus story as a fable. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary offers this definition: "1) a traditional short story that teaches a moral lesson, especially one with animals as characters; 2) a statement, or an account, that is not true."

The second part of the defintion would seem to lend support to the use of the word "fable" to describe the Jesus story - if one doesn't believe it.

Mr P Mattock, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

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