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JK's got nothing on Shakespeare

Nigel McQuoid's decision to remove Harry Potter books from his school library (TES, February 27) is to be commended, but his actions do not go nearly far enough.

Shakespeare's notorious play Macbeth involves Satanic agents inciting other characters to murder; in The Tempest a magician manipulates others through spells; in A Midsummer Night's Dream, magical creatures of the night torment a simple working man by giving him a donkey's head.

And it gets even worse. Physical deformity is mocked in Richard III, there is religious hatred by the bucketload in A Merchant of Venice, while Othello is racist.

He should act immediately to clear all works by this shocking dramatist from his library and his English department.

When he is finished with Shakespeare, I can give him a further list of morally suspect authors. Why single out JK Rowling?

Hugh Mulrooney The Sultan's School Oman

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