Job description that jarred

John Samson

In the issue of 29 June, you reported the appointment to Education Scotland of a "strategic director". According to your item, he is to be responsible for "strategy, performance and corporate resources". I presume that you had merely quoted directly from a press release.

You do your tax-paying readers a disservice in failing to ask the obvious question: "So what does that pretentious piffle of a job description actually mean?"

Maybe you could put this to the new incumbent. His response could form the first of a series of features. As a working title for these, might I suggest "How I justify my publicly funded, bonus-enhanced salary in terms of ultimate service to Scottish pupils"? Other subjects are to be found in local education authorities under the title of "quality improvement officer". As for shooting fish in a barrel, try the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

John Samson, Blinkbonny Gardens, Edinburgh.

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John Samson

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