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Job prospects for 2005

I am due to become a primary teacher in 2005 on completion of my PGCE. I am in my thirties, male and married. I have a computer science qualification and have worked as a software engineer for about 10 years. I would like to work in the North East, specifically on Teesside. What are my prospects?

I assume that you are one of the career-changers enticed into teaching by the Government's advertising campaign. Sadly, it does not say that, unlike other areas of public service, teacher training does not carry with it the guarantee of a job. You have some possible advantages - men are still in short supply in the primary sector and IT skills are also valued - but you are looking to work in an area where school rolls are falling quite fast.

There will be jobs, but in 2005 an extra 1,000 or more new primary teachers are likely to be seeking jobs. How much money schools receive will be vital in determining how many posts are available. At this point, 2005 is too far away to know with any degree of certainty, but you should keep monitoring the position closely.

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