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Job-sizing is bad news for small and remote schools

The salary for my headteacher post has been cut by over pound;5,000. As I have been in post for over three years, my salary will of course be conserved. I have colleagues who are not so fortunate.

I am head of a combined primarysecondary school. I note already from certain adverts that the post of headteacher of primary schools of a similar size to my own carries a salary of approximately pound;1,000 less than my own post. As I also have responsibility for a small secondary, this would obviously seem to be anomalous.

The lack of transparency regarding job-sizing is extremely worrying. Why is this necessary if it is fair?

It will be difficult to attract good candidates to small remote schools at headteacher or depute head level. Moves to such locations are expensive and this is serious for these schools.

In my school the assistant head (primary) has been job-sized at a higher salary than the depute head - her line manager!


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