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CPS plus two points is a fairly ordinary offer for a good physicist, but the extra pound;5,000 allowance will probably tempt some people to take a closer look at what's required of teachers at the Army's sixth form college.

Welbeck educates young people who are interested in a career in the Army's technical corps - engineers, signal specialists and logisticians. It's a residential college which gets excellent results.

Lessons don't necessarily have a military flavour, though illustrating theory with practical applications is encouraged as it would be in any other setting. The health and safety implications of introducing range and trajectories using real mortars would, however, probably hve to be checked out fairly thoroughly.

Teachers don't have to have an army background, dedicated pacifists are welcome to apply, and there are permanent military staff to provide specialist tuition. But the college is looking for people who could offer a significant contribution to extra-curricular life, either in the cadet force, or with sport or outdoor pursuits.

Getting up at 6am, saluting the principal and parading in full kit before breakfast aren't in the job description, although teachers willing to get fell in could join the cadet force as instructorsofficers and earn even more dosh.

Further information from the CO - sorry - the principal: tel 01909 476326.

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