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Job of the week

Not so much a job this week, more a diary note for a holiday position.

Are your sixth formers inspired by Prince William's gap year jaunt to the jungles of South America? Do they fancy the idea of something similar? Would they let you go too?

Teachers who love to travel may have already visited the hot spots in Haiti and the mountains of Nepal. But the rest of you who are "adventurous, enthusiastic and motivated" could go there too, just by applying to World Challenge Expeditions.

The catch is that you have to take some children with you. Still, a four-week challenging expedition to a remote and beautiful location in the developing world, with experienced back-up and guides to make sure that both you ad the students come back in one piece, isn't an opportunity open to everybody. Well, actually it is, or at least to schools.

World Challenge runs several hundred expeditions each year, as well as longer, gap year trips and also UK-based adventures for children in education action zones.

Of course, remote and beautiful can translate as isolated and insanitary. For some staff the idea of spending their hard-earned summer break under canvas with Wayne and Tracey would give them the screaming heebie-jeebies. But hey, you're enthusisatic and motivated, and the leader's place is free, so go for it!

Planning starts now for a summer 2002 trip with a telephone call to World Challenge (020 8728 7282).

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