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Jobs and political expediency

Brian Bell has experienced the cynicism of politics.

Those trainees and school- leavers on the new-style apprenticeships are being kept off the unemployment register. Jobs have been created, with an allowance that matches the amount the young people would get on income support, hardship allowance or whatever euphemism for pittance that is used.

This is a neat political expedient to give the impression that young people have a future. This is cynical and I realise that a cynic knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing, but it does not need a cynic to know the cost of this continuing deception.

I forget which senior police officer linked youth crime with unemployment and lack of opportunities, but I am sure he did his promotion prospects no good at all. The unfortunate outcome is that the ordinary citizen pays the price for political manipulations and young people will feel betrayed.

DENNIS WALBY 39 Castle Street Upper Upnor Rochester Kent

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