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Jodie's pound;1,000 prize cannot be matched

(Photograph) - Jodie Foster, aged 11, from Caol Primary, Fort William has won this year's Barbie Prize, a UK award for young artists aged five to 11. Jodie was presented last night with a pound;1,000 cheque for '9-11', an installation of 3,000 matches, each burned in memory of a victim of the World Trade Centre tragedy. Her school won pound;20,000 for a selection of children's works created under the auspices of artist in residence Robert Fairley. Jodie is pictured in Room 13, the art studio run by a management team of pupils who order materials and office equipment, keep track of finances and pay the artist's wages. Art history and philosophy seminars by Fairley complement traditional art lessons. The art project started out as one day a week but now runs five days a week. Photograph by DAVID MITCHELL

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