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Johnny Ball and Robot Wars

Johnny Ball and Robot Wars are two of the highlights at Tomorrow's World Live - the technology and innovation exhibition taking place at Earls Court in London next week.

The former TV presenter will be at the HP Inventor Centre for at least two days of the four-day show, offering advice on inspiring the next generation of inventors. The centre, to be run in conjunction with the UK Patent Office, will be encouraging "young people to go wild with their imaginations". As well as encouraging the next generation, HP will be showing its latest technologies to those with the spending power.

Visitors to Tomorrow's World Live will also have the chance to get a close-up view of atilda, Sergeant Bash and Sir Killalot as an episode of Robot Wars will be filmed during the event.

Other show attractions include a behind-the-scenes look at Williams F1 cars and racing technology, the unveiling of plans for Year of Science and the Live Lab, which will be looking at the latest scientific inventions. Even if you don't attend the show, schools can take part in a series of online competitions to win interactive equipment including a whiteboard, video data projector and computer worth pound;9,000. For more information on the show and competitions, visit the website at Tickets are free and can be ordered online or by calling 0870 122 0099.

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