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Junk band bang on

This year, our school took part in York Schools' Music Festival for the first time. Six students from Year 7 and one from Year 9 performed as the Burnholme Community College Junk Band. We put the band together about a year ago as a classroom activity and although most of its members don't play a conventional instrument it has certainly stimulated the students'

interest in music.

We began by looking at ensemble playing, percussion and rhythm and at examples of other junk bands. The junk instruments we chose include plastic dustbins, plumbing pipes and broom handles, which is why the students'

composition was entitled Broom Dance.

The Junk Band performed on the York Barbican stage and the students felt like real pop stars. They thought it was a fantastic experience and we hope it helps the group to bond musically and socially.

Jon Ward, percussion teacher and Janet Scott, head of music, Burnholme Community College, York

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