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Just the ticket for the platform

The TES reporter was standing at the side of the hall during last week's debate on education at the Tory party conference, notebook at the ready.

Suddenly, he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was a chap with a moustache, 60-ish, who asked: "Are you going to be listening to David Cameron's speech?" Well yes, said our man, he thought he would. "Would you like to sit on the platform?" asked the moustachioed Tory. Well, said our man, he was a journalist, so perhaps not - whereupon the offer was swiftly withdrawn. Our reporter was wearing a suit, white shirt and pink-and-white striped tie, teamed with trendy-ish specs, since you ask. But he suspects his real attraction to the Tory image-makers was his youth. Will Stewart is a winsome 33 - which is a great deal younger than most of the people on the platform watching Mr Cameron work his spell.

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