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Just what is a head supposed to be?

I am hoping to apply for a primary headship in the future but would appreciate some clarification of the role first.

My first assignment for the national professional qualification for headteachers (NPQH) is to outline my "vision" for my school.

We read all the time in The TES how heads with vision have turned around failing schools.

However, it appears that the job of head has become that of an implementer of initiatives and strategies delivered from on high. Do heads only have "visions" after delivery of these strategies? Or are all the new initiatives and strategies open to interpretation?

Is this what having vision means?

Is it all right to offer your Year 3 pupils, in the first week of spring term, work from Year 2 (autumn term, week 7) because that is what is appropriate? Or does failure to comply ultimately mean failure to pay the mortgage?

Before I take the plunge and begin to apply for the post of head I would appreciate comments -particularly from heads who have that "vision" thing. Is it something that you can keep?

Pat Downes. Deputy head. Gorsthills county primary school. Great Sutton. Ellesmere Port. South Wirral

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