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Keep the competition going

While it is encouraging to hear that the Ofsted survey ("Ofsted warns Gove not to drop Olympic baton", 15 February) has found an increase in PE and sport take-up over the past four years, the axeing of the School Sport Partnerships in 2010 has reduced the impact of the Olympic legacy for too many children. The proposed two hours of PE a week need to go alongside real opportunities to play in competitive sport if we are to achieve a significant sporting legacy. Charitable independent schools have a long history of competitive sport. We have the freedom to set our own curriculum, which allows our schools to devote a significant amount of time to sport and PE (15 per cent of curriculum time in my own school). I hope that the new draft PE curriculum, alongside initiatives such as the School Games, will allow children to enjoy, develop and thrive on competitive sport.

Andy Falconer, Headmaster, St Olave's School, York.

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