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Keep five alive, says head

LESS stressed staff, rested pupils and improved test results... Woodlands primary in Grimsby has reaped rewards from the five-term year it has operated since opening in September 1999.

Head Robert Beel said: "I can't say that our results are down to the five-term year as we have done so many other things, but it is an important part of the package.

"We have five terms of eight weeks which makes teaching far more modular.

You can plan your year logically and if you want to move things around you can."

The summer break is just four-and-a-half weeks long, which is popular with parents of children at the 428-pupil school.

North-east Lincolnshire council, though, is moving towards a six-term year.

"It would be an absolute tragedy if we lost our five-term year. It really is brilliant," said Mr Beel.

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