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Keep the music playing, and all that jazz

Thank you for the review of Nurturing Talent, the history of the first 25 years of the National Youth Orchestras of Scotland (April 11).

Your readers need to be correctly informed of the exciting work of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland this year. More students have applied to attend NYJOS projects this year than previously, with significant parental and teacher support. In addition NYJOS has received many indications of support from potential tutors by professional musicians and educators of standing to develop the skills of talented jazz students.

As the book makes clear, NYJOS was created and operates with a significant and increasing demand from students throughout Scotland. The simple categorisations of jazz and classical have become unfortunate and misleading and can prejudice the training of musicians for whom a width of appreciation and competence has become increasingly important.

NYOS continues to develop all projects in response to significant student demand from all geographical areas in Scotland.

Thank you for your interest and support in the work of NYOS.

Richard Chester

Director National Youth Orchestras of Scotland

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