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Keep a rein on bullies

Last week was Anti Bullying Week, so by the time you read this you might feel you've had enough of that issue for a while. I wouldn't blame you. But from the stories we hear in the news, it would appear that schools are swarming with bullies and their victims, though it may not feel like it in your school.

If you're inexperienced, it can be hard to tell when you've got a bullying situation on your hands, as opposed to the workaday social relations of the playground. But our regular form-time feature, Tricks of the Trade (page 10) offers guidance, teaching tips and, most important, some perspective on the whole business.

Meanwhile, it's December - and you're entitled to feel exhausted. But take succour from Erica, our case study on page 11. This time last year she was fit to drop. Now she's thriving in her second year. She explains how much will change for you once induction is over.

Have a restful Christmas holiday.

fiona flynn: editor


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