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Keep your sanity and you're head

THE PRIMARY HEAD'S SURVIVAL GUIDE by Mary St Amour and Ian Stevens Heinneman; Pounds 8.99

Can you put the needs of your school before your own? If so you have the potential to be an effective leader, according to this book. But you might also be heading for a nervous breakdown.

This A to Z reference guide (Absences, Accidents, Accountability through to Zeal, Zones and Zoos) provides punchy notes on factual matters, legal requirements and approved practice compiled by two Milton Keynes primary heads.

"You have the responsibility for your organisation," they advise under Leadership. "That does not mean that all authority must emanate from you I Encourage sharing and empower others to realise their potential."

But beware: are you experiencing extreme tiredness, irritability, depression, ill-defined physical complaints, a feeling of not being in control? These warning signs come under Nervous Breakdown.

But never fear. "The nervous system is just another part of your bodily processes. You have not failed or lost all if you feel that you need to take time out. Professional maturity is knowing when you need to take action.

"Your thought processes are 'well challenged' in headship. Do not be unduly surprised, therefore, if they demand an occasional rest (see Health)."

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