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Kelly's divine gift of election prophecy

We know that Ruth Kelly, the multiparous Education Secretary, has a hotline to the Almighty, but we didn't realise the whole DfES had been granted the gift of seeing the future. Perhaps it's something to do with the passing of the old Pope, who blessed one of Kelly's sons in Rome a few years ago.

Anyhow, the boon is made manifest in the programme for a Brighton college conference on May 12 (the Lord chooses humble vehicles for his good news).

Theme for the day is "The independent sector in the new political landscape: the next four years." The agenda includes a speech from Professor David Hopkins, chief adviser on school standards, entitled "What will Labour do with education in its third term?"

With a week to go until polling day, they clearly know something we don't.

One might call it a magnum opus dei.

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