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Key Changes

Diane Spencer finds many keen to blow the final whistle on the team games revival. The new Order places greater emphasis on the practical and performing side of the subject and less on planning and evaluation.

* Key stage 1: areas of activity have been reduced from five to three ("simple competitive games", gym and dance) with swimming optional. Dance has been slimmed to exclude "making dances" and pupils will be taught some traditional dances.

* Key stage 2: all areas of activity have been pruned except for games. Pupils will be taught games, gym and dance each year and athletics, outdoor adventurous activities and swimming at points during the key stage.

* Key stage 3: areas of activity have been spit into half-units except for games. Pupils should be taught at least one other full area of activity (unit A and B from athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities, swimming, gym, dance) and at least two additional half-units taken from different activities. At least one half-unit must be gym or dance.

* Key stage 4: everyone must choose a game and another activity, which can be swimming.

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