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Key findings of the TES survey

Should most children with special needs be taught in mainstream shcools?

Class teachers Yes 62% No 26%

Headteachers Yes 73% No 18%

Should closure of special schools be halted?

Class teachers Yes 77% No 17%

Headteachers Yes 82% No 10%

Are children with special needs more likely to achieve their learning potential in a mainstream school?

Class teachers Yes 28% No 26%

Headteachers Yes 35% No 12%

Are children with special needs more likely to develop social skills in a mainstream school?

Class teachers Yes 72% No 12%

Headteachers Yes 80% No 5%

Should children with dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia be taught in mixed classes?

Class teachers Yes 90% No 5%

Headteachers Yes 89% No 3%

Are there children in your school who you feel should be in a special school?

Secondary heads Yes 65% No 35%

Primary heads Yes 31% No 69%

Do you feel your school receives sufficient resources and support to ensure the Government's inclusion policy is successful?

Class teachers Yes 36% No 60%

Headteachers Yes 12% No 88%

Should children with autistic spectrum disorders be taught in mainstream or in separate classes?

Primary teachers Mainstream 51% Separately 24%

Secondary teachers Mainstream 47% Separately 33%

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