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Key to the future

The classroom of the future will let teachers and pupils communicate instantly and effortlessly. So the teacher can tell if a class, a group or an individual is struggling with a difficult concept and needs more explanation, or is bored by an easy one and wants to move on.

The technology is already familiar: it is used to poll the television studio audience of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Now it is available for the classroom too.

"ACTIVote is the key to the future," says Promethean's John Riley. "Forget paper tests and marking. Now the teacher puts questions on our interactive whiteboard, the kids answer, and the work is all saved electronically and transferred to a spreadsheet.

"It takes the paperwork away from the teacher and is a lot more fun for the kids. It's learning for the Playstation generation."

ACTIVote works with a Promethean whiteboard and costs pound;1,995 for 32 hand-held devices and a CD of the latest software.

Contact Donna Shaw, tel 0870 241 3194 Stand E10

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