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A key job for a computers and sports fan

City Learning Manager Brookfield High School, Kirkby, Merseyside If there is one thing absolutely guaranteed from the newly-elected national administration it is a steady flow of initiatives. Each arrives with a freshly minted acronym along with a job title created by crossword compilers tasked to disguise the actual nature of the work as effectively as they can.

City learning manager - now what does this suggest? A city certainly, along with offices, bureaucracy and paperwork. That's clear, isn't it?

Well, it's not quite so. You will be surprised to discover that the job is in Kirkby - which wasn't a city the last time I looked - and involves the development of a national centre of excellence for the use of information and comunications technology in sport and physical education.

There is a kind of logic to the job title. The post is being funded by the Excellence in Cities programme and the successful applicant will run a city learning centre at Brookfield High, a specialist 11-16 school with a national reputation for sport and a mixed roll of 830 pupils in Knowsley local education authority.

It is no surprise to discover that this is a fixed-term contract (until March 2004) but once possible applicants have worked out what the job entails, they will probably be attracted by the possibilities on offer, plus the salary of pound;37,700-pound;40,300.

For more details, apply to Brookfield High, Bracknell Avenue, Kirkby, Merseyside L32 9PP

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