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Key stage 3

CHARIS ENGLISH UNITS A1-A6. Age range 11-14 Photocopiable. By Chris Akhurst and Anthea Tulloch Bisgrove Stapleford Centre pound;12.95 Tel: 0115 939 6270

The Charis Project aims to promote the spiritual and moral development of pupils through subject areas. Previous publications cover English, French, German, maths and science for key stage 4. English is one of five publications for KS3. Although the project promotes common values, the resources are grounded in Christian belief.

This subject-based approach has much to recommend it as it provides a meaningful context for spiritual and moral development within the curriculum rather than as a "bolt-on" that pupils work through, often independently. The rationale behind the resources is that spiritua and moral development is a whole-school issue, but is also the responsibility of every teacher.

The six units cover heroes, myths, money, planet earth, persuasion and controversy. The range of texts is interesting - from the contemporary, such as Junk by Melvin Burgess, to Chaucer's Pardoner's Tale.

The study of literature has always involved a consideration of values and morality and I am not sure that there is anything original in these units that a good English teacher would not already have thought of.

If you are stuck for ideas this book may be of use to you. I think the science and maths books may offer more scopefor controversy or originality.

Angel Scott is vice-master of Hatfield College, University of Durham

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