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Key stage 3 plans to suit schools

There were several inaccuracies in the articles on the key stage 3 strategy ("Angry heads to boycott traning" and "Every subject must do audit", TES, March 30).

Secondary maths departments are not expected to "release their entire staff for four days of training" in the autumn term. The maths training in the autumn is for two non-specialist or less-experienced teachers for two days, and for the head of department and one other teacher for one day.

These are suggestions only - we would expect schools to exercise their judgment about what is important for their teachers to attend. In fact, in the pilot of the strategy, 95 per cent of staff attended the courses.

Equally, schools are not expected to "review all their schemes of work for key stage 3". English and maths depatments will be asked to consider what, if any, adjustments are needed in the light of the new teaching frameworks. If they conclude changes would be desirable, they should be phased in a manageable way over several terms.

Your headline stating that "every subject must do an audit" is simply untrue.

In 2001-02 just two departments, English and maths, will be asked to do an audit of their subjects to ensure training and proposed developments match the school's needs. Science departments may be asked to do this in 2002-03. The school will then decide which other departments do audits when it selects two foundation subjects to become involved in the strategy from 2002.

Anita Straker Director, key stage 3 national strategy London House 59-65 London Street Reading

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