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Kids say it's OK to smack

A MAJORITY of primary children agree that parents should be able to use reasonable physical punishment as a last resort, according to a small-scale study in East Dunbartonshire.

Pupils in six primaries felt that it would help them recognise the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Some also believed aunts and uncles, and other named family members and childminders, should be able to use reasonable measures if they had permission from parents.

About 70 per cent of secondary pupils in the studywere opposed to parents being allowed to physically punish their children.

One secondary group said any form of physical punishment was wrong if it sent a message that the use of violence was acceptable. Some children also believed that degrading things said to them caused greater suffering.

East Dunbartonshire, responding to the Scottish Executive's consultation, also sounded out adults. Of twelve groups replying, 10 thought parents should continue to be allowed to use reasonable physical punishment.

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