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S5 pupils Charly, Blair and Sinead talk to Julia Belgutay about books

S5 pupils Charly, Blair and Sinead talk to Julia Belgutay about books

Blair: I love reading, especially during the summer. Last summer, I read at least 10 books.

Sinead: I haven't read 10 books in my life! Maybe about three.

Blair: I've always loved books, probably because my mum has always loved them and she has encouraged me to read quite a lot.

Sinead: I read books about people I like - like comedians and athletes - and that's as far as I go. And then English just ruins it for me, because you have to read 20 million books. The Great Gatsby's all right, but that's only because there's one character who's dead funny, who reminds me of me (Daisy).

Charly: Yes, that is you! I read books about child abuse, about real life. It's a bit morbid. I like The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists - that's an old book by Robert Tressell, from the early 20th century, about philanthropy and poverty and social work. My other favourite book is The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I love Jacqueline Wilson books, and I'm 16.

Blair: But see when you read some of them, and then you think about them now, some are a wee bit . like the one with the girl, her mum and dad home- school her and then the dad has a stroke and her mum gives her money to go to a tutor and then she talks about buying silk thongs and stuff .

Charly: Did she not write Sugar Rush? That one is pure lesbians!

Blair: They are all sad and pure depressing.

Charly: Except for the one about the guy that likes biscuits.

Blair: I just think Hollywood has taken away from books. People have a lack of imagination and they can't visualise.

Sinead: It takes too much time. I don't have a lot of time. I do Irish dancing lots. I just don't like being quiet, and that is probably why I don't study as well, because it's too quiet. Then I put the music on and I just start singing along to music and all the reading goes out of the window.

Charly: If I got paid for reading, I would read more.

Sinead: English ruins it for me. If it was good books that they made you read in English, like proper good ones, not ones that have writing techniques or anything like that .

Blair: They all have writing techniques.

Sinead: Yes, but not ones that specifically have a crap story but have enjambements on every second line .

Blair: That is poetry.

Sinead: I would probably only read other Lance Armstrong books, to be honest.

Blair: She bought a book because she thought it was about Lance Armstrong, but it was about bike saddles.

Charly: If a teacher had an autobiography out, I would read it. If it was a decent teacher, I would - because I know nothing about these people and I get told to go into a room with them and they are going to teach me things.

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