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Lauren, Jenna, Katelynn, Darren I and Darren 2, S2, talk to Julia Belgutay about their personal dislikes

Lauren, Jenna, Katelynn, Darren I and Darren 2, S2, talk to Julia Belgutay about their personal dislikes

Darren 1: Your worst habit is your laugh, Jenna.

Jenna: OK, I don't like my laugh, according to him. If I actually think about it, my least favourite thing about myself actually is my laugh. It's just weird.

Darren 2: What do you hate about me, Darren?

Darren 1: You are ignorant.

Darren 2: I'm ignorant, apparently. You can be a tad annoying, Darren.

Katelynn: I don't like that I'm dead quiet.

Darren 1: You have to come out of your shell!

Lauren: In other people, I really hate attention seekers.

Darren 2: Yes, people who think they are gorgeous. I realise I just said I was, but I was being ironic.

Jenna: I hate people who are so full of themselves. I could name a few. The school is packed with people who are like that.

Darren 2: I can't stand people who think they're funny, but they are not.

Darren 1: Like you.

Jenna: Or people who accuse you of stuff. They just assume stuff.

Katelynn: They just judge you although they don't know you. People do that a lot in this school.

Darren 1: Did you see that girl in our year is still only eating grapes?

Lauren: She does that, she is on a pure diet and she doesn't have to be. I hate it when people do that.

Jenna: I hate it when people say they're fat and they're not. I am going to get fat, but I'm not fat yet.

Darren 1: Maybe you're just saying that for sympathy. You want me to say "Oh no, you are not going to get fat!"

Darren 2: I think people say they are fat for attention seeking.

Darren 1: And then you have to say "Oh no, you are not fat" to make them feel better.

Darren 2: They upload a picture of themselves to Facebook saying "I'm so ugly" and then people go "no, you're not".

Lauren: I think a lot of people do that. But I'm not going to lie to them, I will tell them!

Darren 2: If someone is humongous, they are not going to go around saying "Oh, I'm fat". I think it's only the other people.

Darren 1: People eat their problems away.

Lauren: But that is what they do!

Darren 1: The people who go around saying they are so fat, maybe I will tell them to go eat some cakes. But you tell them they're not fat, even if they are.

Jenna: But that is just lying to their face.

Darren 2: "Oh you are ginormous!"

Lauren: You put it in a nicer way than that. With the people who say they're fat, it depends what you should say to them.

Darren 2: If you hate them then you go "Yeah, I know, you're a pure mess, man!"

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