Kids talk

Emily, Olly, Nathan and Tabitha, P5, tell Julia Belgutay what they think the most important rule in school is

Nathan: Getting out for break is the most important rule, because if you don't you are not going to have fun.

Olly: Nathan, you do realise this is going to go in a newspaper?

Nathan: But if you are just inside all the way up to lunch you are just going to get stiff and bored.

Emily: I think it should be "no bad language".

Nathan: Yeah, no bullying, because if you get bullied you're probably going to change school.

Emily: I think some words can get you excluded.

Olly: I think you should keep your hands to yourself, because you don't want to get into fights with people, because otherwise you can get sent to the headteacher. And there is a fair chance you would get expelled.

Nathan: And you would get hurt.

Olly: Probably, yes.

Tabitha: To learn the most education you can.

Olly: That's a pretty good one.

Nathan: You don't need good education for all jobs.

Olly: But if you do sport, what if you get injured? You need a good education to get a back-up job.

Nathan: Yeah, but you could just do another sport.

Olly: But what if you could never do a sport again?

Nathan: You would just resign and you would get a pension, `cos sport people get a lot of money. You get a pension and you won't need a work.

Olly: I think our teacher would say "no talking in the class" is the most important rule.

Tabitha: They probably think it is important because they don't want you to grow up to be disrespecting, horrible people. They want you to grow up and be smart, clever and lovely people.

Olly: Remember, the teacher said to us she has to prepare all the things in her head. She has to keep everything in her head and if we keep on talking, it's really hard for her.

Nathan: But she is talking more than us!

Emily: She is supposed to!

Olly: You have never had your name on the behaviour board.

Emily: I have!

Tabitha: I haven't.

Nathan: I get my name on the behaviour board a lot. I just chat.

Olly: Yeah, me and you are the chatterboxes.

Tabitha: I have never had my name on the board because I just really, really worry if I haven't done my homework.

Nathan: If you worry enough, they won't put your name on the behaviour board, but if you just don't care, like me.

Emily: The teacher doesn't like us chatting. Or Velcro strapping. She hates it when we do that.Olly: People just do that to annoy the teacher.

Nathan: If we could get rid of one rule, it would be "no sweets in class".

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