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Robbie, Connor and Carrie Anne, P4, talk to Julia Belgutay about school uniforms

Julia Belgutay

Connor: I think wearing your school uniform is quite cool. But it is annoying; sometimes your jumper won't come off.

Carrie Anne: Yes, I'm the same.

Connor: The one I'm wearing - the ones you wear with the polo shirts don't come off properly. I don't know why, the polo shirt doesn't do anything to it!

Carrie Anne: I like wearing my school uniform, because if you get lost around a museum or something people can tell what class you are in and find you.

Connor: I can't, I don't have a badge!

Carrie Anne: What's bad about it is my sister has got a belly piercing not that long ago and it is harder when you've just got it done to get your jumper and that on.

Robbie: But you wear a patch.

Carrie Anne: No, she took it off as soon as she got home. So it just hurt to put the uniform on.

Robbie: I like the colours of our school uniform.

Connor: Me too, it's just the jumpers I want to change. They're quite small and everyone tells you you've got a big head. Everyone who sees me thinks that jumper is too small for me.

Carrie Anne: If I could choose my perfect school uniform I would have a red one. The jumper would be red, the skirt would be just black.

Robbie: Turquoise!

Connor: Yeah, come on!

Robbie: I would rather wear a hoody or a tracksuit.

Connor: I would wear my football shorts and a t-shirt.

Carrie Anne: No, you wouldn't be allowed your football shorts. You are not allowed the teams' badges or anything because you get into trouble for it.

Connor: But if I joined a football club, like a boys' club, I would be allowed that.

Robbie: I would just wear my New York Yankee top.

Connor: If I could wear anything I like, I would just wear anything at all, including skirts.

Carrie Anne: He said he wears his big sister's heels and dresses.

Connor: I kicked one of my sister's high heels against my door and it broke.

Carrie Anne: I would wear shorts and a dressy kind of top. Or one of the dress things that have got the wee straps and you can tan all over.

Robbie: I think we wear school uniforms so they know where you are.

Connor: When we are all in our school uniform, it makes us feel like we are all part of a group. But to me, it's better when you don't wear uniforms because I like people no matter what they wear.

Carrie Anne: I think it's better when you are in your home clothes because you can make more friends that way, because you dress like you are, so they can see what you are like.

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Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay

Julia Belgutay is head of FE at Tes

Find me on Twitter @JBelgutay

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